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Fern Ball

By :Avanee Jain 0 comments
Fern Ball

To make our Fern Kokedama, we bind the roots of Aspleniumnidus cultivars in rich organic soil mix. These lush, tropical ferns form nest-like rosettes, with leaves emerging in a circular pattern from the center of the plant. Simply translated, kokedama means "moss ball," and these pieces are our take on the traditional Japanese bonsai practice of the same name. Sometimes called string gardens, each piece can sit in a shallow dish or hang with the attached fishing line loop, making them lovely additions to any window or tabletop.

Ferns Balls thrive in medium to bright indirect light, and tolerate low light as well. To water, simply soak your kokedama in a sink or basin until thoroughly saturated. You may even put the KokedamaBall in a bowl of water. Once saturated, remove excess water from bowl, and let the plant absorb water from it’s wet soil and jute, for next few days.It is important to give intermittent dry periods to the root zone to avoid any fungal diseases.

We make each piece by hand, choosing from our diverse collection of indoor plants. Please note that actual plant may not resemble the image exactly.

This item is made to order and requires special pre-shipping preparation. They are ready to ship within 5-7 business days. You'll receive a shipping notification email with tracking when your order ships.

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