Box of 5 kgs Mixed Vegetables
Box of 5 kgs Mixed Vegetables
Box of 5 kgs Mixed Vegetables
Box of 5 kgs Mixed Vegetables
Box of 5 kgs Mixed Vegetables
Box of 5 kgs Mixed Vegetables

Box of 5 kgs Mixed Vegetables

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Every box contains

Sept 01, 2021 on wards 

  1. Tomatoes / ટામેટા                          
  2. Okra/ ભીંડી
  3. Spinach/ પાલક
  4. Methi /                    
  5. Ivy Gourd/ ગિલોડા       
  6. Bottle gourd/ દુધી     
  7. Sponge Gourd/ તુરિયા  
  8. Ridge gourd/ ગલકી
  9. Cucumber / કાકડી
  10. Onion / ડુંગળી
  11. Lemon
  12. Green chilli
  13. Lemon grass/લીલી ચા


MAKE YOUR OWN BOX of 5 KG MIXED VEGETABLES  freshly harvested. Straight from our farm to your home in less than 48 hours. 

Select what you want from the following list and call/sms to our Farm Manager Prakash on 9978430856. 



About Upaj Farm .

How these vegetables and fruits are grown?

Why we ask you to purchase our mixed box?

Upaj is a farm land of 7 Acres. We have been cultivating this piece since 2010. Here Organic is the way of life. The layout is based on the Permaculture Design technique. We have a rainwater harvesting pond which irrigates (partially) seasonal crops. Fruiting trees like Mangos, Jamuns, Ber, Faalsa, Mulberry, Lemon, Amla, Guava etc are planted in different zones to create smaller ecosystems. Seasonal vegetable crops are then interplant in these smaller areas. Each season, we carefully pick many different varieties and plant as many different cultivars as possible. We use only Non-GMO seeds and try to source local seeds when available. We take great pains in nourishing our soil with compost made on our farm. Organic Compost becomes the base feed and nutrition bank for all crops. We are meticulous in executing organic methods for Integrated Pest Management. We DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICAL PESTICIDES. We nurture and try to maximise bio-diversity. This helps in maintaining a delicate balance suitable for all life forms to thrive- all the way from Microbes to Mangoes!Every day we pick the best vegetables and fruits from this flourishing organic world. We simply clean, pack and deliver the same to you (from Upaj Farm to your door in less than 48hrs), with all the goodness that Mother Nature has in store for you.

Every box is packed with a variety of vegetables that can help you plan a meal for a nuclear family for 4 to 7 days.

Good for Nature. Good for you.

We deliver to following  cities Vadodara, Ahmedabad , Rajkot , Surat , Bharuch , Ankleshwar  & most all cities of Gujarat & also Mumbai city.