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Turmeric by Upaj

Rs. 120.00

  Naturally Grown , Dried powered Turmeric From Upaj farm.

Potting Soil

Rs. 239.00

Potting soil will be used in Herbs , Vegetables , Indoor & Flowering  plant.

Neem Oil

Rs. 230.00

The Ecofriendly Bio pesticide, Oil based Emulsified concentrate Formulation (100%E.C) consisting of Neem Oil  Obtained from Azadirachta Indica Seeds, Presence of Several Neem Limonoids , of which Azadirachtin concentration can be maintained in different levels as per the formulations. Mode of Action: Affects a wide variety of Phytohagous insect pests. The formulation Control the pest population by triple action activity...

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