Gardening Workshop

Make nurturing nature your second nature


Why buy a farm when you can rent it?

Organic Farm Get-togethers

Strum along the rhythm of nature to tug at the heartstrings of your loved ones

Organic Fruits & Veggies

Indulge in some ‘Green Shopping’ at Farm Fairs that ensure blooming smiles

Experience the joys of doing nothing on lazy weekends with your family

Upaj Farm

Upaj Farm

Welcome to Upaj Farm, where we offer you Chemical-free and Farm-fresh fruits & veggies, apart from a whole new experience of Organic Farming with Grow It Yourself Kits and easy- to-learn Farming Tutorials.



Add health quotient to your daily diet with organic food which is grown with lots of love and nurtured with oodles of joy.


Grow It Yourself

Experience the joy of watching saplings your kids grow Farming is a life skill. And like most of them, it is best taught in early age. Think of it like sowing seeds of sustainable lifestyle in your kids so that they grow up as responsible citizens and creating a better world for generations to come.

Shop Organic, Live Organic

What’s on your food plate, nutrition or chemical? ‘You are what you eat’, goes an age-old maxim, which leads to our next predicament - Where to find affordable Organic Food? Well truth to be told, in today’s times, you just cannot afford to ignore organic food.

At Upaj Farm, we offer you a plethora of Chemical-free fruits and veggies for toxic-free nourishment. Shopping with us is a breeze, check it out for yourself:

Reduce Carbon

Grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers in your own balcony or home garden.


With our GIY Kits you can grow organic, chemical-free, pesticide-free vegetables and fruits right at your home.

Getting closer
to nature

Gardening can be therapeutic and spiritual. Plus, gardening is a great way to teach your children the love for nature and to be responsible and patient.


Upaj Farm employs women to produce GIY Kits; sources seeds from rural women to help support their families.

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