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Grow Your Own Roots with Upaj GIY Native Indian Trees! 

Grow your own Indian Native Trees and get your children closer to Nature with Upaj GIY Kit! Through gardening, your children will develop skills, take responsibility for Nature, understand the world, and gain confidence. Plus, they’ll get to enjoy the outdoors and explore reasoning and discovery. So don't wait, get Real. Get Dirty. Grow Native. with Upaj GIY Kit. 

GIY Native Trees

Rs. 299.00

Now is the time for you to get back to nature with Grow It Yourself Kit for Native Trees by Upaj! Planting native trees in your garden comes with so many benefits - they provide food and shelter for local wildlife, they have a better chance of survival, require less fertilizer, conserves water, and are usually non-invasive. Plus, they are...