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Upaj Farmer's Market

Upaj Farmer's Market

amid the bounties of flora and fauna with chirping birds for a company

Cycle along the untrammelled roads to find pathways to your inner self

Strum along the rhythm of nature to tug at the heartstrings of your loved ones

Indulge in some ‘Green Shopping’ at Farm Fairs that ensure blooming smiles

Experience the joys of doing nothing on lazy weekends with your family

Ticket To Farmer's Market


Upaj Farmer's Market
At LukshmiVilas Estate
Dec 11th & 12th
9am to 5pm

*UPAJ -The Urban Farmer*
Celebrates harvest season with hardworking  farmers and Nature loving patrons who appreciate the bond with land .. land that nourishes and blesses us with bounty of harvest.

The act of harvesting is celebrated with traditional music, dance, crafts and other expressions of joy.

Having successfully held two Farmer Markets at UPAJ,   the choicest of Organic farming lovers and fresh farm produce lovers mingle in this fun fair with activities like  fresh veggie hunt, healthy food and juice parlors, pony and tractor rides, art and craft exhibition, homemade pickles and preserves kiosks, Gaamthi folk dance and song performances and much more.

There's something for everyone.
This year Farmers Market happens in a special backdrop of Baroda Royal  Lukshmi Vilas Palace,  An architectural gem with endless acres of natural greenscape. Visitors can walk in the Gaekwad Conservancy, royal fruit orchards.

Events at Royal Palace invites influential and eclectic visitors, who love to sample new and fresh produce and even associate with marquee brands of dressing, cars, electronics and lifestyle

Be  a part of the UPAJ Farmers Market  at LVP Baroda and be seen  for the right reasons!