Learn Organic Farming

Organic farming isn’t a rocket science. It’s like going back to the roots, the basic bedrock of human life where it all began. All it takes is your dedicated time, discipline and of course, truckloads of patience. Once you get the hang of it and get your hands dirty, literally, the wafting fragrance of moist soil will compel you to stick to your routine and look after your own Upaj, i.e., ‘harvest’

If you learn music, you begin with the basic seven notes and practice them till you get it right before moving on to play the songs. Well, organic farming is no different. Begin with the basic Grow It Yourself kits, graduating to potted plants and then the green acres. While we are at it, we’d recommend you to take your kids along. Who knows, they just might get it faster than you. Ah the joys of losing bets with the kids and watch them win! Little perks of learning organic farming. Did we mention the surge of Likes on social media?



Book your front row for Nature’s best show with Rent-a-farm at Upaj, Dumad-Savli Road, Vadodara. This is perhaps the only place in India or maybe the world that provides a hands-on farming experience. Rent-a-plot and grow it yourself! See seeds transform into shoots. See creepy crawlies and beautiful birds come to party. Smell the best perfume in the world, of rain soaked soil. Invite your family and friends to sow, nurture and grow your own organic seasonal veggies. Re-bond with Nature. Experience basic happiness of playing in soil, climbing trees and just loitering about in an open field. Try your hands on a plough, sickle or a tractor! The expert farmers at Upaj are with you to make it into a memorable and fruitful outdoor season for you.


GIY kits by Upaj

Upaj GIY (Grow It Yourself) kits are a complete package containing a pot of size suitable to the crop, seeds for the season, organic growing medium, micro-nutrients (if required) and instructions on how to Grow It Yourself. Visit our SHOP section to purchase now. 


Online Gardening Workshop

Make nurturing nature your second nature. Gardening workshops will help you learn the nit-gritty of organic gardening.