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All about Organic Farming




Book your front row for Nature’s best show with Rent-a-farm at Upaj, Dumad-Savli Road, Vadodara. This is perhaps the only place in India or maybe the world that provides a hands-on farming experience. Rent-a-plot and grow it yourself! See seeds transform into shoots. See creepy crawlies and beautiful birds come to party. Smell the best perfume in the world, of rain soaked soil. Invite your family and friends to sow, nurture and grow your own organic seasonal veggies. Re-bond with Nature. Experience basic happiness of playing in soil, climbing trees and just loitering about in an open field. Try your hands on a plough, sickle or a tractor! The expert farmers at Upaj are with you to make it into a memorable and fruitful outdoor season for you.


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Savli-Dumad road,


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