Our Story

About Us

Organic Farming has been a way of life in India. With passage of time, the ancient farming methods got replaced by shortcuts to yield more crops in lesser time and efforts. Farming in today’s world is focused on only making profits out of the produce, by extensively investing in research for farm equipment, seed companies, advanced researches in composts and manures, apart from the farmer’s labour to ‘make hay while the sun shines.

On one hand, urban lifestyle is moving away from nature wherein people are caged in small spaces and pine for simple joys of life. Organic farming aims at bridging the gaps between farmers and citizens to make way for a holistic and sustainable lifestyle.

Our Mission

Unlike the traditional methods of farming, organic farming requires more manual work, natural manures, oodles of patience and a well-knit network of organic farmers, which makes organic food not only expensive but also exclusive. Well, not anymore. Welcome to Upaj Farm, a concept by Avanee Jain, an architect who envisioned a space that would offer chemical-free and farm-fresh fruits & veggies, apart from a whole new experience of Organic Farming with Grow It Yourself Kits and easy-to-learn Farming Tutorials.

A land has a lot to offer. Each changing season in agriculture presents umpteen sources of joy that only a farmer gets to enjoy. Fresh gust of air coupled with and natural environs can be leveraged for a more sustainable livelihood of farming. Celebration of festivals on farms can add a whole new dimension to your idea of festive season. A lifestyle of such kind can pave way to reverse migration, where urban citizens begin to explore farmlands on the outskirts of the cities they live in.

Getting Closer To Nature

With our busy urban lives, we are getting away from nature and its benefits. Gardening can be therapeutic and spiritual. Working in the soil and watching the garden grow can make you feel like you are a part of something larger. Plus, gardening is a great way to teach your children the love for nature and to be responsible and patient.

Avanee Jain


Meet Our Team

Avanee Jain

From humble origins in a home kitchen garden, UPAJ has replicated its green experiments  in home gardens and soon into a sustainable and nutritive farm revolution.  With core target achieved of bringing clean farm produce to home, UPAJ is planting seeds of green heritage, which Barodian kids can live, learn and play and bond with Nature. Avanee Jain, the multifaceted founder of UPAJ is an Architect and Permaculture Designer. She proudly toils as an urban farmer to grow, groom and generate awareness  for people to re connect to Nature.

Ankur Jain

Every organisation is as good as its operations. The cogwheels of the minutest process needs to be well-oiled with day-to-day inspection and meticulous vigilance. Ankur Jain, an Engineer and MBA (IIM, Banglore) is someone with an eye for details and knack for smooth operations. He oversees our manufacturing and ensures that our growth is as sustainable as our lush harvest.

Abhilash Naswale

Coming from a small town of Udaynagar in Vidarbha region of Maharastra, Abhilash has had a keen inclination for agriculture from early childhood. In his native place, they were taking a seasonal rain fed crop of soyabeans. With an HSc education in Crop science and BSc and MSc in Agriculture, Abhilash has a thorough theoretical as well as practical knowledge of farming. With Upaj, he plays the key role of Principal Farmer and caretaker of Upaj.

Our Team

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team beacsue we respect, trust and care for each other and our cause.