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Box of Mulberry (500 gms) Box of Mulberry (500 gms)

Box of Mulberry (500 gms)

Rs. 400.00

Box of Mulberries                                                              call/sms to our Farm Manager Prakash on 9978430856.        About Upaj Farm . How these vegetables and fruits are grown Why we ask you to purchase our...

Eco Bazaar By Upaj

Rs. 100.00

Start your new year with some winter greens straight from the farms, along with a range of gourmet offerings. You can also pick up fron a curated range of eco-friendly anf designer products. Enjoy a festive evening with Live music and a unique, never seen before, heritage backdrop.    Where: Upaj Eco-Bazaar at LukshmiVillas palace estate.  Entry: LVP Gate #4,...

Turmeric by Upaj

Rs. 120.00

  Naturally Grown , Dried powered Turmeric From Upaj farm.

Potting Soil

Rs. 239.00

Potting soil will be used in Herbs , Vegetables , Indoor & Flowering  plant.

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