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Looking for an easy way to add a splash of green to your home decor? Give Terrariums a try!  

Terrariums are beautiful mini greenhouses grown in glass containers. They are easy-to-care for, low-maintenance gardens which can last almost indefinitely with minimal water.

They are beautiful as gifts and make a great conversation piece for your home or office.

This GIY Terrarium Kit comes with everything you need to create your own green masterpiece. Using only our best ingredients, your terrarium should live long and prosper for many years.

Learn To Make Your Own Terrarium


Glass Bowl - 8” in diameter and 3” in height

Coconut Coir

Clay Pellets

Biochar (type of charcoal)

Growing Medium/Soil

Indoor Plants - 2 Zanadu, 2 Pink Syngonium and 2 Cryptanthus

Detailed Instructions

Decoration Accessories:

4 Pelican Birds

Decorative Stones

White Sand

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Introductory offer

This is a Multi Activity kit to engage children in gardening activities through the cool season. Instructions are designed by a Children’s Book Illustrator especially for children Ages 6 yrs and above. This kit can used under guidance of Parents, educators, siblings/friends of ages 13 and above. Materials in the box are biodegradable or can be recycled

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