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Workshop For Urban Farmer (August every Thursday 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM)

2020 marks a year of changed times. The month of August with on-coming monsoon and special occasion of Rainy Season, I am excited to bring to you a series of Online workshops on Zoom, Beginning with Every Thursday in August @ 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM  Farmer on my balcony! All about Grow bags and Container gardening . Focus on Kitchen gardening only.

About Thursday Farmer Online Workshop

 It is a unique workshop over 4 Thursday in the month of August. I will take you through how you can grow vegetables and fruits on your own terrace/balcony/varandah along with me.This workshop will ready you for Monsoon. Each session will be 45 mins. Followed by a 15 mins Q&A. Each session will be in the form of a LIVE video from my balcony. You will log in through invitations given for this Zoom Video Conference. Through the sessions, I will show you how to pick containers/planters. I will explain Soil as Foundation for Organic farming, All about Grow Bags & Container Gardening.Focus on Kitchen Garden only. So join me and let us dig in together to create an Urban Oasis in your own home.

You will need

A desire to grow your own food. The rest is listed below.

About me

I am Avanee Jain. An Architect, a Mother and a Farmer. My journey with research on growing food without chemicals and pesticides began over a decade ago. I dug into this Natural world to explore and examine techniques and invaluable Indian cultural practices in the field of organic farming that were lost in the post-independence era. The more I explored, the greedier I got to share this knowledge with co-urban dwellers for our benefit as well as that of Mother Nature’s. Upaj Farm was born as a platform to both showcase these techniques, as well as continue this journey of unearthing ways of living in Harmony with all beings on this planet.

About Upaj Farm.

Upaj is a farm land of 2 hectares. We have been cultivating this piece since 2010. Here Organic is a way of life. The layout is based on the Permaculture Design technique. We have a rainwater harvesting pond which irrigates (partially) seasonal crops. Fruiting trees like Mangos, Jamuns, Ber, Faalsa, Mulberry (Setur), lemon, Amla, Guava etc are planted in different zones to create smaller ecosystems. Seasonal vegetable crops are then interplant in these smaller areas. Each season, we carefully pick many different varieties and plant as many different cultivars as possible. We take great pains in nourishing our soil with compost. Organic Compost becomes the base feed and nutrition bank for all crops. We are meticulous in executing organic methods for Integrated Pest Management. We nurture and try to maximize bio-diversity. This helps in maintaining a delicate balance suitable for all life forms to thrive- all the way from Microbes to Mangoes!

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Introductory offer

This is a Multi Activity kit to engage children in gardening activities through the cool season. Instructions are designed by a Children’s Book Illustrator especially for children Ages 6 yrs and above. This kit can used under guidance of Parents, educators, siblings/friends of ages 13 and above. Materials in the box are biodegradable or can be recycled

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